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About me

Minimized simplicity

I love simplicity

With a passion for writing and a desire to share with others my story, I share with you this blog to hopefully give support to my ADHD peeps, thoughts on health & Wellness, Law & how it supports neurodiverse individuals, and all things fun. For now, it’s Simply Shani Marie.

What I blog about

My Story

My story in a nutshell is, like many of you, have found myself in difficult circumstances I never asked to be in but through faith, perseverance, hope and a reliance on God, who loves me, I have come through each trial stronger, more capable and more vigilant at seeking to support others struggling with similar things. I’m glad you’re here. I can’t wait to get to know you.

Blog Posts

Personally, I am a wife, mother to 4 incredible kids and a full time paralegal in an established Law Firm. My hobbies include movie nights, game nights, bike riding, hiking, line dancing, clogging, teaching, facilitation of workshops, writing, reading speaking and having friends over to my home where “Friends become Family”.

Professionally, I am a Certified Life Coach & Certified Career Coach through an ICF Credentialed Coaching program, Coach Training Alliance (CTA). In addition to these professional credentials, I’ve also been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and know first hand the struggle between balancing our need for structure along with our longing for freedom. Tough dichotomy there. My working methodology consists of helping to develop these structural boundaries in others lives to create more space for creativity, & more freedom. I also teach the need for self care, healthy habits & acceptance of self as crucial pieces to the structural foundation of a person’s life.

To further be able to support and help the health of my clients I’m studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM with multiple specializations including Weight-Loss specialist, group fitness facilitator among others, to bring home the health element that is vital to your feeling successful.

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I am currently not offering 1:1 coaching. I will work. With 5+ more Indi

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